Yesterday, 03/12/202, Gov. Cooper asked that houses of worship and other public gatherings of 100 or more not meet.

Since the length of time that one with COVID-19 is contagious without symptoms (up to 14 days) and since active cases have been confirmed in our area, it is the Carolina Conference’s recommendation that churches with an average attendance over 100 cancel live worship services.

Our administrative team has decided to cancel live worship services until the risk has passed.

This does not mean that the function of the Church will stop. Your elders, Sabbath School teachers and other leaders will continue to minister to you. Also, our worship services will be streamed on the internet live beginning at 10:50. You can view the livestream at

The Discovering Revelation Seminar is still planned for tonight at 7:00. Determination about its continuance will be made after the meeting.

We will continue to communicate with you in the days ahead. Pray for one another and wash your hands.