Men’s Ministry

All activities are designed to foster the fellowship of the men in our church. Activities include pancake breakfasts, softball games, fall color hike, bonfires, game nights & sponsoring with Women’s Ministry an event to raise money for charity sometime in the early spring.There is also a Men’s Retreat at Nosoca Pines Ranch, usually at the… Read More ›

Mailing Ministry

These Volunteers prepare and mail Grace Notes and stuff envelopes when needed. Help with a mailing once a month – on the Wednesday before the 1st Sabbath of the month. Enjoy Christian fellowship in the process. Director, Shirley Wallstrom

Reception & Greeters

Receive the spiritual blessing of making sure everyone is welcomed to our church. Give them a church bulletin with a friendly hand. Give directions to various SabbathSchool classes. Get acquainted with your fellow church members as well as visitors.Invite people to join our fellowship. Director, Cynthia Dobias

Flea Market Ministry

Canvas Flea Markets in the area for things to take on Mission trips and for other ministry needs. Ex: soap, shampoo, pencils, crayons, stuffed animals & small toys. Directors, Paul & Christina McCray

Community Outreach

Organizing & leading out in at least one Short Term Mission Trip per year, this is a group of people that want the excitement of the foreign mission to ignite us here at home. Working within our community to find ways to share the gospel in a practical way. The goal is to see every… Read More ›

Disaster Response

The goal is to prepare us as a church to respond during a disaster. With FEMA (Federal Emergency Managers Association) we are to set up & man distribution centers for supplies. Arden has been a receiving center for supplies to be transported to other areas where disaster hits. Director, Karen Cheek

Building & Grounds Coordinator

Volunteers are always welcome to weed the flowerbeds, weed eat as necessary and a lot of big & small projects.Regular maintenance of the building might include changing a light or fixing a leaky faucet. Bigger projects also become available. Your talents will not be wasted. Director, Ion Bonea

Bible School Ministry

Currently leader in a neighborhood Bible Study group. Provides the mailing of the Discovery Bible Study Guides to people who have requested them. Interested in finding or setting up more neighborhood Bible Study groups or individuals. Please call for more information. Director, Heath Betchley

Drama Ministry

As an extension of the worship experience, drama serves to enhance the worship activities. Large drama productions are done at Easter, Christmas & at some other special times during the year. Smaller projects for a vesper program or short skits may be used to illustrate a special point.In every activity worship is the constant guide… Read More ›

Audio Visual Ministry

Our job is to enhance our worship experience with all the audio & visual aids that make communication possible. We provide the Training & equipment that are sent on mission trips. Needs within classrooms, of special events, even the outdoor service are a part of our ministry. There are also hearing devices for those who… Read More ›

Fellowship Dinner Responsibilities

Potluck Responsibilities:1) Set up tables and chairs 2) Decorate 3) Start warmer 4) Receive food, make sure food is properly warmed or refrigerated 5) Turn on dishwasher and booster 6) Tend food that must be baked in oven or heated on stove 7) Set out cups, salt and filled water pitchers on tables 8) Set… Read More ›

Vacation Bible School

A summer time activity for all children of the church & community. Everyone has lots of fun learning songs, playing games, doing crafts & learning principles of living from the Bible. Director, Mary Beth Hagan

WFHC 104.7/106.5 FM – Radio Station Ministry

WFHC FM Radio Station Ministry 106.5 Hendersonville   104.7 Asheville We provided edited content of the weekly sermons, special events, and guest speakers from the Arden Seventh-day Adventist Church to the radio station for re-broadcast on their station. Editing of weekly sermons are done to eliminate blank space and make corrections when possible. These sermons are… Read More ›

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry Leaders; Kathy Herbert Special fall retreat each year, and other sponsored events (all women are encouraged to attend – scholarships are available if funds are a problem). Watch the bulletin for special events.

Website Ministry

Create and update content on our website. This includes making Video and Audio files from the weekly recording of sermons and posting these files to the Website. Director, Steven Davey, Raymond Assiongbon-Foly, and Gail Bremner

Shut-In Ministry

People who are not able to come to church for a period of time – or maybe never again.Includes visits, prayers, phone calls, reading to them. **Senior Citizens try to keep track of each other – if missing they try to find out why. Often an intercessory operation.  Families can call us to alert us to… Read More ›

Religious Liberty

A newsletter is published 3 or 4 times a year to keep the church family up to date with what is happening to our liberties. Special handouts are given when an issue needs your letter to our congressman. There is an area Religious Liberty Rally held each year with special speakers who are knowledgeable about… Read More ›

Prison Ministry

A great way to share God’s love with others is through Prison Ministries. The Department of Corrections allows volunteers to come in for this purpose & we are currently sharing in 4 local area facilities. The program consists of Bible Study, Preaching, & music. The Goal is making friends for God. Join us sometime to… Read More ›

Music Ministry

We encourage the participation of as many musicians as possible. Share your talent with us! We also like to encourage the young musicians as they learn. A young women’s group called ‘Vision’ is also available. Hand Bells, Choir & Special Groups. For Hand Bells it is required to read music – more members are welcome…. Read More ›

Mailing Ministry

Volunteers meet once a month to process Grace Notes for mailing and to stuff envelopes when it is needed. Help with a mailing once a month – on the Wednesday before the 1st Sabbath of the month. Enjoy Christian fellowship in the process. Director, Shirley Walstrom

Community Health Fair

The Community Health Fair is sponsored by Arden Seventh-day Adventist Church and area Health partners.  Free Screenings are supplied to all who attend whether or not they have health insurance.

Family Life Ministries

Family Life Ministries Director: Ann Marie Bates We provide opportunities to learn about and experience rational biblical principles in marriage, family life, and the church through retreats, seminars, and education. We invite each and every member to strive to imitate Christ by loving God and loving one another.

Church Library Ministry

Library Ministry Librarian, – (Position is Currently Open) Located: at the end of the hallway to the left of the front doors. The library is currently being restarted, but will be a good source of reading material for our church. We would welcome your help in organizing, shelving items, and performing librarian duties.