The Earthly Fragrance of God

She told me her name was Christian. That was on Sunday. She told my husband her name was Sinbad. That was on Monday. Her restaurant behaviors were slightly…no, let’s be truthful here, they were very uncultured. Her fragrance? At what point do we say someone stinks? OR, can someone that we say reeks to the… Read More ›

The Unheard Words

It is a sunny, summer Pennsylvania morning for the eight-year-old girl.   She lives in an old, battered farmhouse along with her parents and five brothers and sisters.  The days are spent both inside and outside with trees to climb, bicycles to be ridden, games to be played.  They are poor, but no one much notices…. Read More ›

Fear, Faith & the Follower, Part II

Snapping on my seat belt and turning on the engine, I kept hearing words filtering through my thoughts. What was it? What was it they had been shouting about? ….son …..your son… Something wasn’t right about the view I now had of her trailing behind him as I watched them go further and further down… Read More ›

Dirty Snow

As I left the office at the end of the day and walked past the mounds that had been plowed up around the parking lot, the thought came to mind. Dirty Snow. “That’s how I feel so often, Lord.“ I found myself whispering as I trudged through the sloppy slush, “Like dirty snow.” Yes, the… Read More ›


A couple weeks ago I was driving to work one morning and as I made a left hand turn, I was treated with a spectacular rainbow display. It was what I call a “full” rainbow, which is my personal terminology for the one where you have the pleasure of seeing the whole arc with both… Read More ›


John 8:2-12 I felt it before I heard it. The slightest sensation of my handbag brushing against something. In a split second, before I could turn, I felt the foreboding vibrations of something gone awry, something teetering and somehow I knew that if I turned even the tiniest bit there was going to be a… Read More ›

Waiting To Be Found

Several years ago my husband and I set out one crisp January Sabbath morning on a journey.  We didn’t know exactly where we were going, but the unmistakable message from God for some time had been clear. “Go find your brother.”  After months of postponing and making excuses about the timing,  I could no longer ignore… Read More ›