Fellowship Dinner Responsibilities

Potluck Responsibilities:1) Set up tables and chairs
2) Decorate
3) Start warmer
4) Receive food, make sure food is properly warmed or refrigerated
5) Turn on dishwasher and booster
6) Tend food that must be baked in oven or heated on stove
7) Set out cups, salt and filled water pitchers on tables
8) Set out plates, dessert plates, silverware, napkins (bowls if necessary)
9) Make sure desserts are cut and ready for serving
10) Set food out to be served
11) Eat – but keep an eye open, to see that there are plenty of supplies
12) Set up more tables/chairs, if needed.
13) Start cleaning
14) Clear and wipe tables and chairs and put them away in the closet
15) Clean and dry tablecloths before folding
16) Take dirty dishes into kitchen for the dishwasher to stack and clean them
17) Man the dishwasher
18) Remove dishes, dry, if necessary, and set them back on the shelves
19) Don’t forget the kitchen floor
20) Take home dirty towels, potholders, and the huge broom cover to wash and return.