Prayers Needed

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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Unemployement010-18-2019View Details
Salvation010-18-2019View Details
Grace010-14-2019View Details
Salvation010-14-2019View Details
War010-12-2019View Details
Economic help010-10-2019View Details
Deliverance010-05-2019View Details
Please pray010-03-2019View Details
Please pray now!009-25-2019View Details
Car issues009-22-2019View Details
Prayer for salvation and repentance009-20-2019View Details
Faith009-12-2019View Details
Redemption From Self009-02-2019View Details
I need deliverance prayers badly009-01-2019View Details
Prayer for a piece of land008-31-2019View Details
Financial breakthrough 008-29-2019View Details
Exam stress008-28-2019View Details
Mental Health008-20-2019View Details
Faith & Grace008-19-2019View Details
Removing demonic influence008-06-2019View Details
Please pray to overcome008-03-2019View Details
Grace008-02-2019View Details
Please Pray with us008-01-2019View Details
In need of your prayers107-26-2019View Details
Protection & Faith107-23-2019View Details
Healing 007-20-2019View Details
Please Pray with us007-16-2019View Details
Miscellaneous prayer requests007-12-2019View Details
Prayer Request007-12-2019View Details
Please agree and pray007-11-2019View Details
Various 007-03-2019View Details
Pregnancy 006-21-2019View Details
Please Pray with us006-19-2019View Details
Healing206-11-2019View Details
deliverance006-07-2019View Details
Spiritual deliverance106-04-2019View Details
Please agree and pray005-19-2019View Details
Please agree and pray005-17-2019View Details
Sons marriage005-17-2019View Details
Fire, smoke005-11-2019View Details
For Jarred005-07-2019View Details
Rebuke demons in Jesus\105-07-2019View Details
Rebuke demons in Jesus\005-07-2019View Details
Common question004-30-2019View Details
Salvation for my Best Friend004-20-2019View Details
Help004-18-2019View Details
Healing304-13-2019View Details
Please pray to overcome004-12-2019View Details
Sick Sister003-22-2019View Details
Prayer for salvation and protection002-26-2019View Details
Friends 002-23-2019View Details
Wisdom for Life002-18-2019View Details
freedom002-14-2019View Details
healing002-12-2019View Details
Szlvation002-10-2019View Details
Adultery002-10-2019View Details
Continuing Education 101-30-2019View Details
Direction and Healing001-28-2019View Details
For Wisdom001-24-2019View Details
Confession of sin101-20-2019View Details
Please pray for me,my family, others001-20-2019View Details
Prayer request for salvation and protection001-13-2019View Details
Please pray for me,my family, others012-16-2018View Details
New Relationship012-09-2018View Details
miscellaneous requests012-07-2018View Details
Prayer for Understanding211-30-2018View Details
God's School011-25-2018View Details
God's School111-25-2018View Details
Health, urgent finances, owed, +011-22-2018View Details
Car issues, protection011-22-2018View Details
Job seeking 211-05-2018View Details
deliverance111-01-2018View Details
This family lost two sons in a very short amount of time110-27-2018View Details
Urgent Prayer110-24-2018View Details
Deliverance010-21-2018View Details
Trip to Italy and my sister010-20-2018View Details
Unity010-19-2018View Details
Prayer For My Sister010-10-2018View Details
I need a miracle109-27-2018View Details
Happiness filled life009-26-2018View Details
Prayer for salvation and protection009-22-2018View Details
Please pray to overcome009-18-2018View Details
Please pray to overcome009-16-2018View Details
My Family009-13-2018View Details
MARRIAGE309-09-2018View Details
Demonic Possessions009-06-2018View Details
Mum\009-04-2018View Details
Mum\009-04-2018View Details
family009-03-2018View Details
Prayer For Healing009-03-2018View Details
HELP! Thank God... Testimony 008-19-2018View Details
Job and family issues008-19-2018View Details
He does not have a conscience008-18-2018View Details
Young man on the streets008-18-2018View Details
Miscellaneous008-17-2018View Details
Bountiful Harvest Outreach Center needs a new Church building008-16-2018View Details
Please pray008-14-2018View Details
I urgently need prayer108-08-2018View Details
Healing207-31-2018View Details
I need a miracle107-28-2018View Details
Prayers for son107-26-2018View Details
prayer for marriage107-19-2018View Details
Please Pray For Me207-18-2018View Details
healing and help407-13-2018View Details
Spiritual warfare, gospel workers006-24-2018View Details
Freedom006-22-2018View Details
Prayer request 006-22-2018View Details
Health, finance306-21-2018View Details
Workplace war206-21-2018View Details
Healing106-16-2018View Details
Physical as well as spiritual strength006-05-2018View Details
Prayer for salvation006-05-2018View Details
Financial recovery/source of income006-02-2018View Details
Please pray005-24-2018View Details
Generation Curse005-20-2018View Details
a miracle205-19-2018View Details
Healing105-08-2018View Details
Loss of possessions004-21-2018View Details
Financial Blessing004-21-2018View Details
I need a miracle004-20-2018View Details
Please pray004-19-2018View Details
For correct diagnosis of illness004-14-2018View Details
I need a miracle104-07-2018View Details
Healing for Edwin Colon004-06-2018View Details
Please pray104-02-2018View Details
Please pray004-02-2018View Details
Financial004-01-2018View Details
Please pray003-25-2018View Details
Prodigal son003-20-2018View Details
Against Witchcraft003-16-2018View Details
Please pray003-10-2018View Details
Please pray003-09-2018View Details
Please pray003-08-2018View Details
Please pray003-08-2018View Details
Energy and102-18-2018View Details
Need prayer102-12-2018View Details
Please pray002-09-2018View Details
Family002-05-2018View Details
My brother Passed, pray for my Mom102-01-2018View Details
Please pray001-22-2018View Details
For my healthy201-21-2018View Details
Need a better paid job so that i can be a blessing to others301-10-2018View Details
Widow sister & 3 children needs201-10-2018View Details
Please pray001-09-2018View Details
Pray For Lorraine Hansen101-04-2018View Details
My brother delivered from drugs, prescription drugs,301-01-2018View Details
Please pray112-26-2017View Details
Prayer Request for salvation212-23-2017View Details
Fear, Worry412-15-2017View Details
Prayer Request111-12-2017View Details
Job Success210-30-2017View Details
Other110-13-2017View Details
health310-02-2017View Details
Healing for my brother Edwin Colon109-08-2017View Details
Mother and motherly love309-03-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome108-27-2017View Details
Other508-25-2017View Details
Young men in need of prayer308-06-2017View Details
Divorce207-17-2017View Details
Relationship307-13-2017View Details
Please pray006-28-2017View Details
Unity206-22-2017View Details
peace106-12-2017View Details
Please pray006-11-2017View Details
deliverence206-05-2017View Details
a205-30-2017View Details
mirascles for healing relationship905-29-2017View Details
Need Marriage help505-22-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome005-21-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome005-21-2017View Details
Marriage 505-21-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome005-13-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome005-13-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome005-12-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome105-11-2017View Details
Prayers for the Lord's saints705-11-2017View Details
Important Prayer Request705-07-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome805-07-2017View Details
Deliverance and protection104-24-2017View Details
restoration404-15-2017View Details
protection404-09-2017View Details
God's leading and Protection404-09-2017View Details
Deliverance and Protection304-03-2017View Details
Zachary fritz204-01-2017View Details
Need healing403-29-2017View Details
PRAY FOR MY BEST FRIEND203-24-2017View Details
STEALING FROM ME103-07-2017View Details
forgiveness101-31-2017View Details
Son will get scholarship for school101-26-2017View Details
gcse science coursework science in the news001-18-2017View Details
Request for Healing1001-15-2017View Details
example essay why i want to go to this college001-14-2017View Details
WANTED: Equally Yoked Help Meet - IN JESUS NAME112-25-2016View Details
Prayer Request312-04-2016View Details
WANTED: Equally Yoked Help Meet in JESUS NAME Amen711-04-2016View Details
Sabbath truth510-20-2016View Details
Family 710-16-2016View Details
Single mom requests prayer410-05-2016View Details
family1110-03-2016View Details
Issues210-02-2016View Details
Prayer Request110-01-2016View Details
Many issues109-30-2016View Details
My First Kiss009-10-2016View Details
Financial stability509-05-2016View Details
True Christian409-05-2016View Details
Working on Sabbath908-25-2016View Details
SALVATION FRANCE108-21-2016View Details
I need 100 to 500 tooth brushes108-17-2016View Details
Prayer request107-30-2016View Details
Death307-25-2016View Details
Answer to prayer207-18-2016View Details
SALVATION FRANCE207-08-2016View Details
prayer request006-18-2016View Details
PRAYER REQUEST FOR EMPLOYMENT AS a counselor006-18-2016View Details
knowing my way106-15-2016View Details
InhkneUREttZOlxVO005-17-2016View Details
Youth in need of deliverance005-17-2016View Details
xnJrmtOS005-15-2016View Details
health205-12-2016View Details
kbAcMECOOipZ005-11-2016View Details
praying for financial assistance105-11-2016View Details
HSXqyPYcgDXb005-09-2016View Details
Need Prayer505-05-2016View Details
Direction1104-28-2016View Details
Need Prayer for Reflux That's Getting Much Worse704-25-2016View Details
Prayer to do really well on interview704-18-2016View Details
Changes transitions604-05-2016View Details
Advantist universities in south sudan803-30-2016View Details
Single Mom Needs Prayer for Direction and Finances2303-25-2016View Details
Wisdom/Knowledge/Understanding/Healing/Peace1303-25-2016View Details
Single Mom Needs Prayer For Direction, Finances and God's Help603-10-2016View Details
Job Success602-18-2016View Details
Prayer for better life502-09-2016View Details
Desperately in need of a job302-04-2016View Details
General Prayer502-04-2016View Details
Single Mom Needs Prayer502-02-2016View Details
Prayer Request212-22-2015View Details
Prayer Request211-15-2015View Details
Relationship111-11-2015View Details
Problem with voice!410-31-2015View Details
i need bibles210-29-2015View Details
Help110-14-2015View Details
health/family310-09-2015View Details
Prayer for Parents510-03-2015View Details
Help me finish theology109-11-2015View Details
Prayer to find a job609-01-2015View Details
financial blessings108-28-2015View Details
Prayer Request 208-23-2015View Details
rebuke linda008-15-2015View Details
salvation linda and france008-14-2015View Details
Prayer Request 707-14-2015View Details
need a job and financial blessings607-07-2015View Details
CHURCH CONSTRUCTION AND CAMP meeting607-04-2015View Details
Need a miracle!!!607-02-2015View Details
Prayer Request406-29-2015View Details
Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom1106-29-2015View Details
Urgent prayer request906-27-2015View Details
Exams and Financial breakthrough706-26-2015View Details
Health, Healing, &Salvation806-23-2015View Details
prayer for husband906-20-2015View Details
Healing606-20-2015View Details
Prayers for grieving family606-19-2015View Details
a car for my husband706-10-2015View Details
I have financial and Marriage problems 806-09-2015View Details
Pray for Bill606-03-2015View Details
Friend with Cancer305-11-2015View Details
Prayer Request605-08-2015View Details
Bad sleep404-17-2015View Details
2 Prayer Request604-15-2015View Details
court case thank you303-15-2015View Details
Prayer for Elder Louis and Family403-15-2015View Details
For extended family member703-07-2015View Details