Prayers Needed

Deliverance and protection
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Hi, hope you are a doing well, Kindly pray for me for God to intervene in my life and to protect me and deliver me from the hand of the Evil one, his strongholds and bondage. There is a serious tension in the family, it is alleged that my parents are into witchcraft and we as children we are being caught in the middle. One of my brother who claims that he has a spirit which reveals to him what is happening in the spiritual realm. He also says that our father has a goblin to which he was made husband of , more so he says our father is the reason for our misfortunes. He also claims that we are living under a witchcraft spell and that our parents do control our lives using magic. I am so confused and disturbed, its something I cannot ignore no deny. Kindly also pray for me and my fiance for Go\'s leading and guidance as we are preparing for a wedding set for 21 May 2017. Pray also for God to protect us and our marriage. Thank you,