Prayers Needed

Important Prayer Request
Submitted By:Robert Tom
Prayer Request: Hi Tonnie, I have another Prayer Request if you don't mind..... God had just put this on my heart this morning... I've never prayed this, but here it goes... Please pray that my wife "Christina Tom" who is having the affair with another man will not be able to find employment anymore since we don't need the income and because God is providing for us through my job. This will allow her to come back home take care of the children, and to stay away from her affair. This will also allow me to spend 1-1 time with her and minister to her. But most importantly, to get her back with God and Christian Fellowship together with me. God Bless you all again, Robert Tom --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emergency Prayer Request Please pray that God restores my Broken Marriage which seems to be coming to an end of 18 years. I wanted it to start over again with God first this time. He has recently kicked me in the head/heart of late because of my anger, being out of touch (backslidden) with Him and for neglecting my wife all of these years with hurtful comments. There was no physical abuse nor adultery on my part but just hardness, not listening, prideful, selfish, angry, not kind, self-righteous and being really bad to Christina. God had started to work in my life recently and really need a second chance with my Marriage. I truly need her back but don't know how to do it. Please pray that she would truly forgive me for all of those arguments and angry words I said; and that God would help her forget the entire bad marriage past; and to be healed and to remove any mistrust and lies that satan has done to keep us from being together. And that the Holy Spirit will work in our hearts immediately. This marriage is about to end and I need your Prayers for healing, especially for my daughters: Rebekah and Deborah who heard all of those arguments throughout the years. Finally, could you also pray that (****Christina would pray with me?...she told me she would not because of the past); Finally prayer to go Marriage Counseling together. She seems to really, really, really hate me with a passion......and that is my fault. But I truly Love Her…I wonder if it is too late.. P.S. Please ask God to direct my wife away from her current affair with another man, especially seeing this person at Eaglebrook Church in MN. or any other place.….. And that I can cry once again whether I am asking for forgiveness of my sins with God and to my wife and children. In other words, please ask God to open/break both of our hearts for complete healing. God Bless you all for your prayers! Robert