Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Robert Tom
Prayer Request:Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ, Hi, I am trying to save my marriage before divorce is final and very much desire your prayers urgently, this is a continuation of prayers. My wife Christina Tom has rejected any Marriage Counseling / Reconciliation altogether. And though your recent prayers her heart is getting a little softer. However, please pray that God will remove any ungodly people surrounding Christina’s life so that there are no more bad influences in her life… especially her mother “Inge” who is still angry from her own divorce and pushing Christina for the divorce. Please pray that God surrounds Christina instead with godly women counsel… and please keep praying that God breaks Christina’s very hard hard heart soon and that she “see’s her sins” so that she can be reconciled with Him and totally surrendered to God. God Bless you all for your prayers! In Christ, Robert