Prayers Needed

Need a better paid job so that i can be a blessing to others
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:To anyone reading this- Please pray that as i prepare to start the process of application for my dream Job this week that GOD will direct me, will give me words to write, will put his healing hands on my application and CV and will bless the application as i send it off on the 20th April. Pray that God will work marvelous miracle on people that receive the application, review the application and makes the decision of the best candidate - GOD will put my application upfront for decision makers to select me as best and only good applicants fit for the job in JESUS name. Amen! Thank you for your prayers for this much needed request. to bless my families that God only knows their needs. thank you for your prayers. I will get this dream job in JESUS name I claim it!