Prayers Needed

Urgent prayer request
Submitted By:Herbert Badia
Prayer Request:Kindly, pray for my Christianity,so I be a good christian. That God to lead as I follow. God to bless my business, God to bess the job am doing online and God to bless my employers Marc and Darias and give me favor b4 them.

Pray that Hemantlal get well soon and that God to make him finish my magazine design as soon as possible and that God to make for me something very appealing ,God to bless him and make him a blessing even to me.

Pray for me as am still single, that God to give me the right person since He knows what is best.Jessica been communicating with me, if she is the one then God reveal it to me , I dont want my will but Gods will be done... I also pray to be faithful and never try to show something when I dont mean it.

Pray for Beverly , that God to heal her from ovarian cancer...God to b with her as she looks forward to being opperated. Pray for Guhl that God to meet her at point of need .

God to bless Clements plans , and b with her in everything he does, that God to bless him and b with him always , God to make him b faithful to his wife always and that God to bless them with a child, God to help him establish serious business with the county governments here in Kenya.

Pray for Diana that God to bless her and give her peace of mind, God to bless her business and give her favor before people. God to bless her family and b with them..

Pray for Flo that God to bless her and b with her in everything , God to help her on her visa issue and make a way for her.

Pray for Shila that God to help her start her studies and b with her in everything that God to give her peace of mind and give her favor.

Pray for George that God to bless him and b with him in everything. Pray that God to pay his school fees and make him go through learning peacefully and successful.

Pray for Sophy that God to bless her and make a way for her..that God to help her join college and finish her studies well...God to give her a paying job .

Kindly pray about Barbara , she had promised me that she will support my charity 3years ago , since then havent heard from her , pray that God may touch her and make her communicate with me and even if its Gods will that she gets to fulfil her promise.

Pray for Gods work alover the worl that God to bless and reveal himself to His people.

Pray for Gods will.
Pray for my dad to get well and that God to bless him. Pray for my family God to meet everyone at his point of need.
Also pray for other people had promised to pray for but currently have forgot there names.
Thank you and God bless