Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Magdalena Lovejoy
Prayer Request:Pray that the 10 evil spirits of murder, abduction and psychic abuse named Jhana Maya Bradshaw are removed from my mind and my life, as they try to kill my self-consciousness, sending angels of love to heal me fully, and that my philosophy counselling practice will be lifted to God and that I will be successful author, and that my son Zechariah Kamphuijus be delivered, know how to read, and saved by Jesus, and that I will be closer to God with my spiritual gifts, pray that all Satanic Assignments are cancelled on my life and I am set free, healed in my brain injury and not go blind, and wash me from my sins, and send Paul Bernardo away from me as she is not nice to me. Blessings in Christ, Magdalena Lovejoy