Prayers Needed

God's School
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Prayer Request:__ is an SDA Christian High and Prep (Elementary) school in the Caribbean. In the past, it was of the standard that it should be. The devil has been attacking the school, and some students have brought in some demonic items that give the enemy access. Discipline has become an enormous issue, and this causes academics to drop, especially in the high school. The Prep school is perceived as good, but for the high school, members who should send their children say, "Is __ a school?" as if it isn't. *Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan* on His school's behalf, that the school will have all demonic influence removed from the students, and classes can be held without constant disruption preventing teaching and learning, that students who truly want to be free will be set free, and those who like playing with the devil and refuse to stop will just be removed from God's school, in Jesus' name. Thanks.