Prayers Needed

New Relationship
Submitted By:Seth McAdams
Prayer Request:I would like to ask for your prayers for a date I will be going on to the art museum, and the possible beginning of a relationship. She is a beautiful young black lady, and I just discovered she’s SDA. I’m not Adventist, but I’m an evangelical Christian who grew up in eastern Asia as the son of very godly missionaries. I’ve been through a lot over the years, with the Army, and many other things. Despite the many differences between us I’m very drawn to her, and I would like your prayers. Please pray that we will connect and communicate very well. Pray that we will build bridges and connections between us, and that we will have rich, deep, beautiful conversations. Pray that God will help us to cross every bridge to build connection: to cross the racial and cultural bridge, as well as the come to understand each other’s faith in the Lord. Pray that the Lord will be at the center, and that the Lord will lead and guide our relationship, in His love, according to His will. Thank you.