Prayers Needed

Direction and Healing
Submitted By:Allen Hoessli
Prayer Request:My name is Allen. A friend of mine has some auto-immune disorders. hidradenitis suppurativa, polycystic ovary syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. A few months back she started developing intense nerve pain in her legs. After x-rays and mri, it was discovered that her lower spine has some bulging and ruptured disks and that the neural pathways are narrowing creating the nerve pain in her legs. Recently, she has been having some female problems. Her menstrual cycle has not been consistent or timely and she is experiencing extreme pain and blood during sexual intercourse. Lately her nose is swelling shut and her hands and ankles have been swelling. She has a very difficult time doing any sort of physical activity. She has experienced a lot of bad in her life from a really bad childhood to ungodly amounts of pain and suffering from her autoimmune conditions. Please pray for Sara Luskey Dain. She needs guidance to the appropriate healthcare professional and/or a miraculous healing so that she can get some kind of mobility back and a better quality of life.