Prayers Needed

rebuke linda
Submitted By:Paris massage
Prayer Request:Hello to you than you , I am requesting prayer because my mate is seeing other man sometimes she sleeps out all night . She says I 'll be back and does not come back until the next day . If you can pray for God to judge those man severly and to punish them as they deserve thank you And for her Linda this woman to be saved.

She makes fun of God her atitude is like 'Could God punish me? Ah ah' Please pray for God to show Himself God in her life for Him to teach her a lesson in humility, and to move in such a way so that she respects the things of God

Also if you can pray for GOD to bless me to be able to connect with people easily and to meet people easily thank you And for God to bless me in my finances , massage business , evangelism for God to save the French people for them to reject self and accept Bible truth , my massage business and music career And for people to respect me they seem to be very mean and uncaring , also if you could pray for my uncle Henri who has cancer thank you