Prayers Needed

Please Pray with us
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please lift me up in prayer, my job is new and overwhelming, I have a challenging manager that makes it difficult to enjoy work. Please pray for things to work out fine. Please pray for my pregnancy, my husband and I are expecting our first child end of this year, please pray for our baby to stay healthy and for everything to continue well as it has been so far. Please pray for a healthy delivery, and postpartum experience. Please also Pray for the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health of my husband, myself and the baby to be great through ought the whole pregnancy. Pray for my husband, who has applied for jobs, for God to bless him with a less stressful job that pays well, with flexibility, a position of God\'s favor. Also a solid defined path for a career that he loves. Please pray for our marriage, for a lifetime of health, strength, peace, joy, love and happiness and for God to always be in our midst. We are saving to buy a home and working towards it, please pray for God to help us on this journey, to bring the right people to work with, the right home, the right lender, the right neighbours, the right location, the right property and land. Please join us as we seek the Lord for this. My siblings and I don\'t get along, it has been so challenging for me, as i am always told you are the christian, you should just take everything in, but sometimes i get tired of always forgiving and always trying my best without any appreciation or effort from the other end. Pray for God to help me to forgive, heal and to continue to do what i can to be a blessing to my loved ones even when it feels hard. This is very difficult for my mom, please pray for her, for God to give her strength and health and wisdom. Please pray for my inlaws, they are such a blessing to my husband and I. Please pray for a continued positive relationship with them. Please pray especially for my mother in law and i to get along, despite our differences.