Prayers Needed

Please Pray with us
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray with me for the following: -We are expecting a baby, please pray for our pregnancy journey, our baby to be healthy, and to grow into a God fearing young man. We are dedicating him to the Lord and pray He blesses him, also for my husband and I to be good parents and for the delivery to go well. -Mom was hospitalized for a while and is not well, please pray for healing. -My sister\'s husband\'s mother has a growth in her brain, please pray for complete healing. She has surgery tomorrow. Please pray for God to heal her, she was supposed to get baptized but that will be postponed. -My husband and I are about to purchase a home, we have saved and dreamt about it for a long time, and the closer we get the more the enemy brings challenges to keep us distracted. Please pray for God to bless this journey and lead according to His will and we are praying for his financial blessings and price reduction of cost of home, land and loan. -Please pray for my husband, he is in a good career but not happy with current job, he has been applying and there are some good prospects, but they haven\'t opened up yet. Please pray for the Lord to provide the best possible door for him, with no stress and more gratification, one that will be a blessing financially as well. -I have also been applying for a position with different organizations, I currently have a job but would like to pray for God\'s will, whether he wants me to stay here or go somewhere else, for it to be a blessing wherever he wants to have me. -My family and inlaws, both immediate and extended for God\'s presence and blessings and for spiritual revival, the enemy has been attacking, please pray for God\'s presence to overwhelm Him. -Lastly please pray for my marriage, my husband and I are blessed to know the Lord and we really want to maintain a healthy and blessed marriage forever please pray that our love will grow always and for God to be the center of everything we do and for our union to be truly for a lifetime.