Prayers Needed

Redemption From Self
Submitted By:Theo Gooden
Prayer Request:Greetings. My name is Theo Gooden. I live on the Island of Jamaica. I am thirty one years old. I am a struggling Christian. I smoke. I drink. I fornicate. I do so many things that are against the teachings and love of our father who created all things. I am a father of five beautiful children. One child, my firstborn which is a son, has been given a fake father. I want to claim him. I\'m currently unable to afford a DNA test. Then to support him after. He\'s four years old. I have twin daughters whom I constantly worry about because of the life they live and the poor example set by their mother. I want to keep them full time and teach them the ways of heaven. I\'m however unable to afford the task at this moment. They are two years old and extremely smart. I have a son who is one year old whom I haven\'t done a thing for in ages. I hate the feeling I get. I feel like a total invalid. He\'s very lively full of energy and is one year old. My final child is also one and is a boy. I haven\'t been able to provide for him either. I\'m with none of my children\'s mother. I am single and it taunts me. I honestly don\'t think I qualify for the type of woman I desire to settle and marry with. Also will such a woman love and honor and cherish me. Will she want me and all my five children. I am living on land that is leased. Been living here a little over twenty years. I want to own the land, I don\'t see how I can afford it though. I wonder if it\'ll be bought from under me after all the time. Literal blood sweat tears and money invested over the decades. I need a job. But i also don\'t want to work for anyone. I want the freedom to tend to my farm, do good works around my community by volunteerism and mostly the freedom to be with my children at all times. I don\'t know how I\'m going get my children bonded growing under multiple roofs. I don\'t see how I\'m gonna clothe and feed so many children and school them with the current qualifications I have. I merely finished high school. I procrastinate so much and doubt my abilities. I am far from being as confident as what I\'m capable of. My mind isn\'t at rest. My immediate relatives especially my dad is self destructing. Please. Please. Pray for all of us. Please take all my burdens to our father our maker in heaven. Thank you very very much!