Prayers Needed

Car issues
Submitted By:altwdrjwsgrt def
Prayer Request:On the way to church (1/4 mile away from home) on Sabbath morning, the old car sounded weird. I looked where the sound was coming from when I reached church, and one back wheel had been twisted backwards to be rubbing on the mud guard. We went home for lunch. We started back out to the A.Y. / afternoon program, and left the yard without any issues, but suddenly that wheel wasn't moving -- we had to half-park it about 100m from our front gate, and got a ride to church, where we were in charge of the World Pathfinder Day program. We are home now, and it is night. We would be unable to move it until morning. It is in a very exposed location, though out of the road. At least one car is likely to hit it, if it stays there, and the community is full of thieves. It is very likely that one of them sabotaged it in the night (Sabbath night) in order to come and scrap it. Please pray. Thanks.