Prayers Needed

Please Pray with us
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Thank you for your ministry, please pray for the following: -Our baby is due December 16th, this is our first child and i\'m hoping for a natural birth but nervous. Please pray for everything to go well with baby, myself and husband. Please pray for a safe delivery, healthy baby and quick recovery. -My husband has applied for multiple jobs but he hasn\'t experienced a breakthrough yet. Please pray for a job that is not stressful and offers better income and a fulfilling role for him. -My mom was diagnosed with a blood disease that is considered pre cancerous, please pray for complete healing. -My family is so divided and my siblings don\'t like me, please pray for God\'s presence and spirit to prevail especially now that my son is about to be born, I already sense some animosity even towards him, please pray for the holy spirit to be present and for our son to be received with love wherever we go. -My sister\'s husband\'s mom was diagnosed with cancer this week, please pray for complete healing -My job has been so stressful, please pray for the opposition to stop and a more positive work environment or a new and better job, if this is God\'s will. -Please pray for us, we have begun the process of purchasing our home, please pray for God to provide the resources to pay for it comfortably and for it to be a blessing. -My parents in law are going through challenging times, please pray for strength