Prayers Needed

Please pray
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for our son, he is 9 days old and was diagnosed with Billiruben syndrome. We have been working and praying for the levels to go down. We need intervention and your prayers for God to heal Him completely and make him 100% healthy. For God's protection on our family from evil. Please pray for us as new parents, for Gods wisdom and guidance, also for our marriage to be blessed. Please pray for my mom, she was diagnosed with MDS, a disease of the blood that is pre cancerous. Pleaee been pray for complete healing. Please pray for my sister's mother in law, for complete recovery, from cancer and other diseases. My husband and I are purchasing a home, please pray for God to provide and bless the whole process. Please pray for our jobs/ careers, both my husband and I had a challenging year at work. Please pray for positive work experiences in 2020.