Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for my daughter Abigail has recently made the choice to buy and smoke weed, her behaviour has change from a sweet natured young woman to a horrible human being who I am beginning to dislike - please pray for her because I can see that she is turning into someone who is becoming disrespectful and obnoxious. Please pray for her.

Please pray for my son Jamal. God sees and knows I do not like him, I love him, but just don\\\'t like, jamal has a dark spirit - he in some way has influenced Abigail into smoking weed and drinking, he has no respect for himself, me or his father. Please I am begging you to pray for him and Abigail

I ask for your prayers for Benjamin my other son, who is going through a living hell, he will be in court on December 7th answering for a crime he did not commit, his ex girlfriend and mother of his child, because he decided to leave her has accused him of threatening to kill her and domestic violence- it\\\'s a sad situation because all the evidence in my possession points to him being the victim of domestic violence - the ex has even gone has low has say that Ben was abused in the church, and that he was a victim of domestic violence at home. All lies and I don\\\'t understand why God would allow the ex to get away with it. Ben is a broken young man - who has never had to go to court for anything, he is the type of young man who would feel guilty if he spat on the side walk. - He is scared.

Please pray for my husband Lloyd who is the most faithful and spiritual man I have ever been blessed to know, where as I am of the opinion that Jamal and Abigail need to kicked out of the family home - he says that is not the answer - he states that God is going to sort the problem out . I ask you to pray that he will remain strong - they treat him like dirt, all three are working but they just don\\\'t help him financially - he is struggling and they just use and abuse his good nature. Finally I have not worked for 5 years, my confidence is limited, I am unsure of my abilities and I feel apprehensive about applying for a job. I know that I need a job because it would relieve some of the financial burden off my husband - but Life just feels like it is all messed up at the moment