Prayers Needed

Please pray with us
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please join us in prayer for the following: - Thank God for safe delivery of our son - Please pray for our son, for great health, wisdom, a relationship with God and for protection and blessings. -Please pray for my mom's health, she was diagnosed with MDS, please pray for complete healing, for God to get it out of her system. - Please pray for my sister's mother in law she has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Please pray for a miracle and complete healing. - Please pray for success in a business I started, I'm hoping to spend more time with our baby, our family, our parents and God's work. Please pray that it will generate enough income for me not to have to work. - Please pray for my marriage for God's continued blessings, presence and our contibued health and life so we can raise our children in the Lord. -Protection from evil for my immediate and extended family. - My husband is seeking a new job opportunity and has applied to many places. Please pray for God to open the best door for Him and to bless him & our family through it. Thanks for your prayers may God bless