Prayers Needed

For a relationship to come into fruition
Submitted By:Daniela W.
Prayer Request:Dear Prayer Warriors, please pray for a relationship to come into fruition if this is God\'s will. He is a wonderful man about my age with a similar medical missionary background like me, and together we have done things at my church together (upon my invitation). His first wife passed away, and his second wife left him for good. He has been divorced now for about a year. He opened up quite a bit towards me concerning this past marriage (where he experienced physical and verbal abuse), but he said he was open for a new relationship. However, he hasn\'t moved. Please pray that it will be revealed to him very soon whether I\'m the right woman for him, and that I may find peace and clarity in this matter also. The situation is really draining to me, as I don\'t know for sure that he is not interested in being more than a ministry partner for me. After 25 years being in this church I\'m longing sooo much for a life partner (I\'ve never been married at 47), and this is again a situation where I do not exactly know where I stand with regards to a man. It would be so wonderful if it could work out this time for a change - but of course I only want to be with him if he is the man I can serve the Lord best with!