Prayers Needed

Readiness for the End
Submitted By:aa tw
Prayer Request:Please pray for all God's people in this "little time of trouble" to be prepared for the half-ease-up of "peace and safety" and for the "sudden destruction" of the full Time of Trouble with all hell breaking loose in natural disasters and pandemics and wars, etc., after, and for Sunday laws to "solve" the problems with demonic miracles to back them up, and for Seven Last Plagues on the devil's people, and for Jesus to come and end this evil world and restore the real normalcy of Eden on this planet. Pray that we will be ready and not too focused on getting back to our "normal" (which won't happen) and our plans for this life (very few of which still make sense), but plan for Everlasting Life and spread the Everlasting Gospel. Pray for the Latter Rain. Thanks.