Prayers Needed

Dysfunctional relationship | Getting closer to the Lord
Submitted By:J B
Prayer Request:Hello, I dated a theology graduate student at Andrews University. He was studying to be a pastor. He lied to me about having another girlfriend. He also told me that omitting important information is not the same thing as lying. He was also violent and had fantasies about physically harming women. By the grace of God, I broke up with him and he lives far away, we have no contact. I would like God to tell me a.) the how adversary was able to put this young man in my life b.) why he is studying at Andrews c.) why this man cheated on me when he could just go out and date women instead of being in a serious relationship? d.) why would someone like this want to be a pastor? God knows the answers to all things and I would like to know why I had this life experience and what lessons I should learn. I'd also like my relationship with Jesus Christ to be repaired because dating a man who wants to be a pastor but wants to physically assault women has changed my relationship with God. Thank you for praying for me and God bless you!