Prayers Needed

Prayer for better life
Submitted By:Ryan L
Prayer Request:Hello, I wanted to request prayer because I\\\\\\\'ve been praying over a year now for God to help me develop a relationship with him to have a good life. However, during time of prayer I would think God is leading in this and then later be unsure if he is leading and became discouraged. I have burdens in my life that I find difficult to handle on my own and wanted God to give me a new life and guidance to deal with them, but I pray and it\\\\\\\'s like God is not giving clear confirmation that he is willing to work in my life. Now, I know from Bible that it is God\\\\\\\'s will that he give us salvation, but eight years ago I did had a encounter with God in which I discerned I\\\\\\\'m a sinner and God loved me. This drew me to him, but I believe I grieved the spirit away from not giving up a pet sin. After this I had though I had possibly committed unpardonable sin because my heart seem to be numb to sin so just like now, I sought after God; but as I mentioned it looks like God doesn\\\\\\\'t answer me and that left me in despair and misery. So would like that you petition with me for God to let me know that I\\\\\\\'m able to have relationship with him for better life. I thank you much,