Prayers Needed

work and bible school
Submitted By:Amanda van Loon
Prayer Request:Thank you so so sooooooo tremendously much for praying for me, it means a whole lot to me. God is working with me in a healing process through the bible school I am participating in and it is good to do this. (I am going to this bible school again this coming weekend from 30-10-2020 till 1-11-2020) Please continue to pray for the right job opportunities for me (I have a background in communication and journalism) and bless me with a job that will have a positive, happy, save atmosphere of peace and respect and gives me enough finances. Pray that God will bless me with work that I love, and that has value. Please pray for breakthrough and for Jesus His healing and deliverance for me in every area of my life. Also please continue to pray for God to constantly bless and protect my marriage and for no negative jealous relationships or any other harmful influences in the bible school. Be a blessing and be blessed!!!