Prayers Needed

Praying for breakthrough (Job)
Submitted By:Aman Chisora
Prayer Request:Hello beloved Saints of the Lord, I am writing this message with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes.I am a family man and married with three young boys aged 13, 10 and 2 years. My problem is that i have been praying and seeking employment and i even tried to set up my own business for 3 years now but nothing (zero) has happened yet. All is in vain and im losing the grip on God. I told my mother to pray for me too but she is always tired and has advised me to seek spiritual help from these mordern day prophets. I do not know why God has forgotten me and why he has removed his grace from me. I am in great distress and losing weight because the Lord does not answer me at all for almost 3 yrs. Please pray for me, perhaps he might remember me again. I am extremely in mental anguish. I am writing all the way from Harare, Zimbabwe in Africa Regards Aman Chisora