Prayers Needed

Please pray
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please join us to pray for the following: - My cousin Marvin a dr. who has been working nonstop with COVID patients. He was hospitalized yesterday due to fatigue and possibly the virus or something else. Pray for God's healing power and protection. - My mom's tests to come negative for a blood disease or any disease for that matter - Protection of my marriage, joy and blessings in my marriage and my home. - Protection and blessings over my son's life. May he become a great representative of Christ, may He be protected from harm and evil, may He prosper and have wisdom and disernment from God. May he be responsible and love God with all his heart. May he have good health, joy peace and a kind of Christ, now and always and may we have a positive relationship with him. - For God to grant us health and long life to take care of all the people who depend on us. - Spiritual positive connection with God, all the time for me and my family and the opportunities to witness to others and to make use of those moments. -For my business to succeed and add to our income so we can properly support others financially. - I started a new job, for blessings and God's presence at my job. - My husband's job is stressful especially as he works with COVID patients and many hours. Please pray for protection, blessings and strength. - We are building our home, the first one we built we didn't move in due to me losing my job before closing. Please pray for this one to go through and for blessings - Protection from evil, whether it is presented through family members or whichever means but for God to cover our family (immediate) and both mine and my in laws, extended family from the evil one and His agents and attacks.