Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I would like for your church family to pray that I will be more wise with my choices. Out of lonelyness pride, and not waiting on God. I married someone whom God told me to wait but we love each other and wanted to marry. We married 3 months ago. We didn\'t have a church wedding we traveled out of town. However out of the 3 months that we have been married he as hit me. He\'s emotionally abusive to me and physically but not to show scars just verbally shouting and etc. I went to the doctor and know has a 2 health concern and he as well. He only found out after I went to the doctor. But I kind of felt like he already know to some extent. You Know. I should have waited but once we married a still small voice, said Trust God. I don\'t know if I wanted to stay married or not because of the health concern but pray for us that God will show us the way. I know he loves me but sometimes I have doubts because he shouts at me when we have arguments. I believe because of the health concern that\'s the reason God said to wait because he would have fixed it before we married. I hope I haven\'t lost God favor I will so sad that I didn\'t trust him and my husband appears to be happy but I know he\'s not. Deep down He\'s has family issues and wanted to be accepted. Out of all the praying and fasting we did I feel foolish. We are trying to mend the brokenness its hard but pray makes it better. We are also planning to have a 1st anniversary dinner in December, if the Lords will. Thanks for your prayers.