Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:1. James, Mary, Lydia and Sylvester seeking divine breakthrough in their visa processing. 2. Ebenezer, Juliana, Barnabas, Jones, Rosina, Avia, Roy, Enock, Stephen, Gladys, Bessie have lost interest in their religious and spiritual life for a long time and need to return to Jesus immediately. 3. Healing for Martha, JGN, Bessie, Juliana, Noah, Stephen, Thomas, Joseph, EOS 4. These persons are seeking life partners approved by God: Hannah, Esther, Seth, Jones, Barnabas, Rosina, ZD, Ben, Monica 5. Benny asks for intervention and breakthrough in his bagful of prayer requests 6. Jones and Enoch are deeply in alcohol addiction and need to be stopped