Prayers Needed

Please pray with us
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for my baby who has eczema, his itching and discomfort is severe. Please pray for my marriage for God's continued blessing, protection and love. Please help me pray for my job for continued blessings. Please pray for success in my business so that my husband and I can spend more time together as a family and for the opportunity to find ways to serve God together. We are building a home and there has been some hurdles, from shortage of building materials and other setbacks. Last year we tried to build a home and I lost my job so we are really praying that it works out this time. Please pray for oir family as my husband and I try to have other children. We pray for God to bless us with twins if possible and for a healthy pregnancy. We pray for God's provision and blessings and for all our kids to accept the teachings of Christ and love and serve God with all their heart. Please pray also for my mom, who came to live with us, she and I are not getting along and its hard