Prayers Needed

Healing and Recovery
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please Pray for me, I have been suffering from severe allergies for decades.Whenever I eat food I get allergy attacks(food insensitivity) and my body suffers from inflammation in the foot and entire legs, back pain, chest pain, throat allergy. My shoulder has a stiff joint and it is very painful. My hands suffer a lot of pain. My skin becomes sensitive and has a lot of small inflamation spots in some parts of the body causing skin allergies. My hips are sore. Lots of burping/gas release after eating. My heart beat increases and I get panic/Anxiety attacks every day. It may be due to fungi/other microbes and medication is not very effective. Severe foot inflammation and heat. Malabsorption and nutrient loss when food is taken. Psychologically feeling worried, hopelessness, fear of death/I'm going to die feeling melancholic and lost interest to do things. Please pray for me to resolve the issues which are taking place in my body which have been disturbing my life for 35 years. Everyday there are new symptoms and i fedup in life. My family too has this problem including my sister, mother and my nephew. Also,please pray for me to resolve the emotions/Thoughts/ fear/Pattern associated with this condition and help me to liberate. Please pray for guidance and protection and support to move ahead in life as I'm stuck. With gratitude Lokesh