Prayers Needed

please pray with us
Submitted By:Dee A
Prayer Request:Please pray for my family. -We are trying to have a baby/babies. Please pray that it will be possible and for us to have a healthy pregnancy and great journey with this new child/ babies. - My baby is not fond of his dad, since he works a lot and he is not used to him being around so he would rather spend time with mom mostly because we are almost always together. Please pray for their bond to grow in a positive way. -My husband works a lot, please pray that he will be healthy and strong despite this and to get an opportunity to take a break - We are scheduled to move to a new home, the last time we planned for that it didn't work because I lost my job. Please pray that it will work out this time, we have come close to the closing date. Please pray for us to have great neighbors and a good community that will be a blessing to our family. Please pray that we will be a blessing to our neighbors as well. - Please pray for my son's health and development to continue to go well. He is recovering from measles, please pray that he will be in great health and develop well emotionally, physically and spiritually. - Please pray for my relationship with my siblings, they don't like me at all and I haven't done anything wrong to them, my lifestyle is different because I prioritize my relationship with God and don't go to eat out with them on sabbath because I believe it is not right or because of the type of the food my family and I choose to eat for health purposes or how we want to raise our baby as opposed to what they believe. Because of this, they exclude me and my family, they ignore us on social media and support each other. It almost seems as if I am doing something wrong and I am not. I support both our parents financially and they do not want to be involved but it is as if I am the one who did something wrong. Help me to have the heart to let go of the idea that they should be loving and supportive to me and my family. - Please pray for my business, I am working on blogging and a candle store, please pray for me. - Please pray for my mom's health to continue to be great and for my parents-in-law as well.