Prayers Needed

Roach infestation
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Roach infestations cause by 66 yr old who claims Jesus cat obsession feeds wild 45 cats leaves catfood hotdogs bologna and lunch meat causing roach infestation to enter my apartment.Landlord employee where no pet contracts but he has dog and live-in girlfriend.Wears Jesus shirts.Will not stop putting catfood possom inches from my door when I come home from work66yr old keeps causing roach infestations cat obsession addiction claimsPray for Gilbert A who claims he lives Jesus bur causes roach infestations in my apartment because he lives with dog and has addiction obsession to wild cats that he causes possom to come within inches of my door because there are hotdogs bologna and lunch meat out 24-7 365.He releases cats when sheriff animal control puts traps I called them they refused why I do not know.He works for landlord lives with girlfriend but causes unclean demons to inhabitants to enter my apartment.Ex-con who altercations with other tenant who shot bullets at wild cats to get to his door from car without cat contact