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Prayer Request:Prayer Request...Prayer list... Prayers for the people that some are former Seventh-day Adventists, and some people that are non-Adventists need to hear the Gospel and needed salvation, redemption and reformation from their ungodly ways and practices... Alexandra Reuter with her family and husband, Josh (UK) Ethan and Caleb Smith (brothers) and their father, Terry Smith (USA) John & Rhonda Davidson, who lives in Sandwich, New Hampshire (USA) John was the son of a Baptist minister, he's an atheist, and he's entertaining for over a half of the century. Stacy Ferguson a.k.a. Fergie with her family members (USA) Josh Duhamel with his family members (USA) Rahsaan Patterson with his family members (USA) June Angela (USA) Rodney Allen Rippy (USA) Wesley Eure (USA) Kelly Parsons (USA) Mowava Pryor (USA) Tionne Watkins a.k.a. T-Boz of TLC (USA) Sandra Denton a.k.a. Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa (USA) Mary Ann Childers and Jay Levine (they're married together and living in Chicago) (USA) Claudette Harrison, my stepmother, my father's wife, who lives in Michigan City Indiana (USA) Claudette's family members too. (USA) Tina Haygood, my cousin who lives in Freedom, Indiana (was raised in the Adventist Church) (USA) Tami Thornberry-Kidney, who lives in Nahunta, Georgia (was raised in the Adventist Church) (USA) Vickie Grismore, who was raised in the Adventist Church (USA) Clifton Davis, who was an Seventh-day Adventist pastor with his current wife, Monica, and his family (USA) Ryan J. Bell, who was an Seventh-day Adventist pastor, now an atheist (USA) Lisa Grosswiler, who was raised in the Adventist Church (USA) Don & Connie Pletz that did go to Adventist Church anymore. Not sure why? Was it COVID-19 Pandemic? I don't know. But God knows. (USA) Also to pray for... Evangelism in Fayetteville/Lincoln County in Tennessee and hoping to establish a new SDA Church and School to be owned and operated by KY-TN Conference. (USA) Otsego, Michigan SDA Church to have public campus ministry to students who are learning disabled, deaf, etc. with some of their staff at Michigan Career & Technical Institute in Plainwell, Michigan to have their outreach. (USA) Kokomo, Indiana SDA Church staff on proposing projects to improve their church and the evangelism outreach to the community, including necessary equipment for livestreaming worship services with their new YouTube channel. (USA) Pernell is still praying for a miracle of healing and perseverance that need training with AFCOE online, and need the financial assistance, resources, protection, everything that he needs and need to go back to school to train on being a soul-winner/evangelist for Jesus within our church and for his ministry to be a 501-c3 non profit organization after to relocate to be near my father in his aging years now. with brother and sister-in-law, and to have new friends of the Adventist faith, and to work with God, instead of working for the world that Pernell had regretted to hang out with wrong people and wrong crowd. Pernell still desires to win souls for Jesus, despite of my learning disability, age, and other circumstances and situations. Pernell still refuses to give up. (USA) Thanks