Prayers Needed

Urgent prayer request
Submitted By:Amanda van Loon
Prayer Request:URGENT: Dear friend, please pray with me and my husband for the following: My husband's boss wants to get him vaccinated or he needs to go find another job. However his boss can't do this legally, because getting a vaccine is not permitted by the law. The law is at this moment on the behalf of my husband as an employee and says that a vaccine is not necessary, and not mandatory for the workplace. I still don't have a job, I need many many prayers, please pray for my financial situation. Furthermore, we've received an incorrect council tax bill that says we didn't pay for something four years ago, but that's not true. Now we have had a different bank account for a long time and no more statements from the old bank. Pray that we don't have to pay this bill that doesn't add up and that they leave us alone and we don't get any more false charges on our finances. Please also pray with fire also for our government in the Netherlands, that they will stop pushing polarization and discriminatory laws against unvaccinated people. Right now unvaccinated people are not allowed at increasingly more and more public places and services. Pray that unvaccinated people will not be isolated from society in the Netherlands. Tomorrow our government wants to push for a law that will exclude unvaccinated people from many areas of living and society, and services. Please pray that this law will be declined and will never become a reality. So please pray that his boss will have a change of heart and attitude and that he will be kind and favourable toward Karsten my husband, and that a vaccine will never become mandatory for his work. Most of all, pray that he keeps his job, without needing a vaccine, and keeps his income. We have a baby on the way that is due 10-01-2022, and I have no job at this moment. Please continue to pray for us. Bless you!