Prayers Needed

prayer for friend
Submitted By:Ryan M
Prayer Request: I would like to pray for my friend Patrick. For his welfare at his Job and I would like to pray that he knows that God is with him and leading him within this job. That he is able to accept his will in this job and see what God wants him to see for this job to fulfill his purpose. To not be discouraged by possible negative things within that job, but to see God\'s will in every aspect for His will there for him. I also ask that you pray that his relationship with God is real, that he is abiding in him, and utilizing the disciplines that allow for that to be abundantly fruitful. That God removes any breaches that could get between him successfully living a fulfilling life in God, that he is willing to let the breaches be removed, and that he is willing to let Him provide what He sees he needs and desires according to his will. And that he is bless with family and friends (11/10/21)