Prayers Needed

Breakthrough for Team Dynamics
Submitted By:Seth M
Prayer Request:In our ministry, I lead a regular meeting where I provide leadership, guidance and tasks for many projects. It’s been painful. I’m in a team of 2 that works hard and understands the projects well, but leading a meeting for a Development Team that has deep-seated hostility and contempt towards us, but does not know the projects. Pray for me, for great wisdom in leading these meetings. That it will be recognized that I’m qualified to lead this, and no one will feel threatened by this. Pray that my words and leadership will bring breakthrough and deliverance to the culture and team dynamics. Pray for the wisdom to lead us into a culture of health and deep mutual love and respect. A team dynamic that is absolutely truthful, honest, authentic, where it is SAFE to tell the truth. A culture that brings out the diversity of views with respect and love, and severely restrains the authority of bullies. A culture where hard issues are addressed, are safe to address, and are resolved. Thank you.