Prayers Needed

Victory in Jesus
Submitted By:a altw
Prayer Request:I have so much to do, and have gotten so little done -- again. I have hand-to-hand combat with demons daily. I was just watching "Charmed by Darkness" and have read "A Trip into the Supernatural" and "The Incredible Power of Prayer." I haven't been in devil worship, but being under demonic assault, health & all, is the norm for me. Many times, I am completely *unable* to get anything done, to leave the house to get to work, to leave work to get home -- without serious prayer, sending many prayer requests like here, writing out Scriptures like Genesis 3:15 + Romans 16:20 + Revelation 12:11& 20:10, etc., and after that I can finally move to leave to go where I am going -- very late. I used to boast about never being late [Proverbs 16:18], and now at work I look like I don't care to be on time, even being hours late, sometimes with additional blockages on the road to work. I knew frequent fatigue before, but it seems like I didn't know it until now. Please join me in pleading Jesus' blood against the forces of darkness. Thanks.