Prayers Needed

Urgent Prayer request (Post Heart Attack)
Submitted By:Lokesh Venkatashiah
Prayer Request:Please pray for my mother who recently underwent angioplasty with one major block removed inserting stent. She got few blocks in her heart. Please pray for mother to heal and restore heart health and give her strength and healing support naturally . She is experiencing high blood sugar levels, fatigue, constipation , worried, weakness, chest discomfort, breathing difficulties, anxiousness, eye strain, weakbrain, not able eat fully, and other symptoms, She takes alot of medication. Please pray for her to heal all the blocks without any additional unnecessary complications, restore and lead a normal life without further any complications/future attack in the future. Let God’s love flow in our life.. Please pray for her and to ease her pain and discomfort and balance sugar levels, ease constipation Please pray for her to quickly recover and strengthen her heart and body -mind. We are always grateful and heartfelt to the healers who prayed for her. Gratitude to healers, well wishers and who came to rescue her. Thank you With gratitude Lokesh