Prayers Needed

Faith to Carry On
Submitted By:Seth McAdams
Prayer Request:Right now I’m in a very hard season of my life. I know the direction God has for me, but it seems that I’m under attack and feel depressed. Pray that God will guard and protect me from all attacks of the enemy. Pray He will guard me from despondency, depression, laziness and procrastination. Pray for great faith, confidence and clarity in the direction He has for me. Pray the Lord will remove all double-mindedness. Pray He will eliminate all fear of failure, and heal me of the fear of rejection. Pray for great wisdom and guidance every step of the way. Pray that I will receive strong support, wisdom and direction from many people in the direction the Lord has. Pray the Lord will fill me with His great love, joy and shalom-peace, bless His path for me and open the doors. Thanks.