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Urgent Prayer request FOR MOTHER (Post Heart Attack)
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for my mother who recently underwent angioplasty with one major block removed by inserting a stent. She got a few blocks(3 valve disease) in her heart. Heart function reduced to 35%. Please pray for her little hope for strength, positive recovery and self healing capabilities. Currently she is recovering from the surgery,she is taking a lot of medication with side effects, high pulse rate and low oxygen rate due to change in position, chronic anxiety, body in enormous stress and fear, anemia, and oral thrush due to medicine side effects, chronic fatigue, tiredness. She is not opening emotionally. Lot of mental disturbance. Please pray her to let go of the emotions that caused this condition. Also she has high blood sugar, acidity, chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, low in energy, body weakness, breathing difficulties, throat discomfort, chest discomfort, buttocks and thigh pain, limb pain, knee pain, body stiffness, shoulder pain, hunger, low/high bp imbalance and other symptoms. Her heart function is reduced and weak. Please pray for her to heal all the blocks without any additional unnecessary complications, restore and lead a normal life without further complications/future attack in the future. Please pray for her to improve heart function EF and to relax her mind which is consuming worry, thoughts, stress and body. Let her spirit guide and balance her body and mind. Let God’s love flow in our life.. Let her accept and receive peace and a coping mechanism. Please help her let go of the past and move forward with love. Please strengthen her and family members against the attack. Let God protect us. Please pray for her and to ease her pain and discomfort and strengthen and restore her balance. Please pray for her to quickly recover and strengthen her heart and body-mind and soul. We are always grateful and heartfelt to the healers who prayed for her and helped her. Gratitude to healers, well wishers and who came to rescue her. With Gratitude Lokesh