Prayers Needed

Finances and marriage
Submitted By:Amanda van Loon
Prayer Request:Today we are asking prayer for the following: • For my husband his job, he will hear more about if he can stay working at this company next week. • Our marriage, our intimacy and sexuality, love, for more mutual trust and respect in each other, for protection, healing, godly boundaries, for a stronger foundation, for more balance and energy • For our firstborn girl of 6 months old, for God to equip us fully to raise her Godly • For the right job for me, a job that is save, for wisdom, discernment, watchfulness, right door opened and right door closed • For our finances, in addition we still need to get back lots of money from governmental aid that rightfully belong to us • For healing from trauma, I just have started new sessions with a new lady, who does deliverance and healing. I have an appointment next week on Wednesday. She is the best counselor I have met so far. I need to heal from sexual abuse, and other abuse, and more. • For forgiveness Blessings