Prayers Needed

General prayer
Submitted By:Warren Mitchell
Prayer Request:Ask God to bless me with a wife, marriage, children, good health, strength, longevity, happiness, sickness-free, genuine friends, financial stability, peace of mind, wealth, a better job, salary, and environment. Heal me of my teeth, gum, mouth, skin, eye, mental and psychological diseases, anxiety problems, lump on my head, mouth and gum, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, masturbation problem, speech, indigestion, high blood sugar, varicose veins, belly injury/lump on my stomach and knee injury. Please give me another chance so I can do what I like (riding). Don`t let high blood sugar over the years caused any damage to any of my organs. Help me to reverse diabetes naturally. Forgive me all my sins and immediately remove the curse of isolation, loneliness, sickness, fear, and bad luck from my life. Let the food I eat help me with all my medical problems. Fight against those who fight against me. Bless and protect me from the evil forces that surround my life. Remove the demons from my life and body. Let me leave this wicked and evil place and don`t let me lose any more teeth. Bless me financially so that I can accumulate enough money to complete my house as soon as possible. Help me to leave this place in good health. Remove all barriers in my life that prevent me from achieving my goals. Don`t let me continue to suffer in loneliness and oppression. Remove the spiritual chains and sex demons from my life and guide me along the way so that I can find a decent wife to start a family before I get old. I rebuke the spirits of bad luck, financial instability, loneliness, sickness, and anxiety, isolation. Bless everything I do and protect me from the enemy's snares. Forgive all the wrongs I have done to people in this life and also my sins. Father God, you know my financial woes brought about by this evil system. Oh God let me find a spouse because single life has caused me a lot of embarrassment and also financially. Father God I cannot do this on my own, please help me, I am suffering, the devil and demons have control over my life and mind. I spent years dealing with mental, anxiety, and psychological issues. Please help me, God. I don`t want to live alone anymore. I need a companion. Let all my efforts bring good luck and control my anxiety so I can complete my master’s. My life is stagnated due to the curses placed by the enemy. All these mercies I asked in the name of the father, son, and holy Spirit, and please pray for me every day. Amen.