Prayers Needed

Urgent: Love and Restoration of Relationship
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for Courtney and I, we had been dating for 8 months and even considering marriage. She has started talking to another guy and still says she loves me. My heart is hurting every day. Please pray that if she loves me, that she will break off the relationship with this guy and that she will give me an apology without me having to ask for one. Please, pray for Courtney to be unwaivering and to make a decision for me. She goes back and forth a lot and I just want to know she loves me and only me. If she really loves me. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work mightily upon her heart. She says she has felt dark about what she is doing and guilt, it sounds like the Holy Spirit has been working. Please pray that she would not be able to ignore what God is telling her. I pray she would think about me. Please pray that the forces of darkness would be neutralized and that she could see clearly. Please pray that there would be an intensity in her heart for guilt about what she is doing and that her love for me would win out. That God would have victory in Courtney’s life and in our relationship together. I can’t sleep, eat, I pace around, have panic attacks, and have even wished that I didn’t exist to escape the pain at times. Please, pray for a miracle to happen, I don’t want to have permanent heartbreak without her. I love her and want to marry her. Please pray for Godspeed in answering and that Courtney’s heart would be changed. Please pray that this would result in an increased faith, and amazing testimony of of true love and forgiveness. A testimony of God’s power so strong, that both Courtney and I would share this with others around us and they would be won to Christ because of it. My family had agreed to pray through Sunday till Monday, July 17th. Will you please pray diligently for this urgent matter of my heart?