Prayers Needed

Youth in need of deliverance
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for my student Jase Morris. He is only 19. He has found himself involved with a degrading spiritism/cult group in a bid to be materially successful in life. He is deceived and also heavy into sex and drugs. This cult has destroyed many young men and left many of his friends abused (in all ways), suicidal and on drugs in order to cope. I so want him to follow Jesus and serve him. Please pray that God will open his eyes and give him a desire to change. Please pray that God will deliver him. We are going to meet on Sunday. Please pray for our meeting that it be fruitful and that God gives me the right words to say. Please pray that God prepares his heart for this meeting. Please pray that God delivers and heals him as well as the other boys who were/are involved: JM (scarred emotionally, mentally, physically), TJ (suicidal), DP (remorseless, cruel), Tre Torres (cold, who has a seared conscience and has never shown remorse from young; almost died of an overdose), MS (suicidal and heavy into drugs to cope) and others