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court case thank you
Submitted By:fabien fabien
Prayer Request:Hello to you my name is Fabien, if you could pray for e I am missionary in France I have a mobile massage business one of the girls who worked with me refused to pay me After a few days she came to give me the money she threw the money on the ground 3 man were in the background waiting! I took the money and came back home.

Now I received a letter saying that I have to go to court because she was fired unlawfully It says I might have to pay around 10000 Euros I hardly can even can pay my rent. She did 3 massages then she quit. Th court case is March 18 if you could pray so that truth comes out and that she be seen as a transgressor trying to steal money and threats by hr boyfriend and manipulations.

And if you could pray so that I do not have to pay anything as she is the one who quit .And if you can pray so that I can receive many massage clients for me everyday easily And for God to tell me if

I should stay in Montpellier or go to Paris Please help I have no friends no income very hard to find an appartment here and when my parents die what will I do! I rent because of my dads papers! Employees have been stealing from me for years! Totally lonely and alone with no girlfriend since 20 years! Thank you for your prayers and help desperate! Thank you God bless