Prayers Needed

Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVATE NOT FOR PUBLICATION PRAYER REQUEST FOR EMPLOYMENT AND TO DESTROY ALICE AND EFIOM DAN’S DEMONIC POWERS As stated in Philippians 4:6 I am requesting this Church to help in prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, and make my requests be known to God, i.e. employment as a Counselor, Associate/Assistant professor , protection of my family and freedom from torture by spiritualists and occultists. I have been in the storm of poverty for too long, and have been tormented by people with demonic powers for too long. Pray God to help set me and my family free from torture by spiritualists, occultists, witch and wizard. Pray God to help me stop wondering on the river, sea-side and getting lost in the swamp, muddy forest, bushes, in my dreams. Whenever I submitted applications for employment and I have this dream, would either not receive any response or nothing good would come out. Pray God to return whatsoever my enemies have done to deter my progress back to them with immediate effect in Jesus name. To stop with immediate effect, and permanently STOP , every attempt by the so-called spiritualists, occultists, witch or wizard or demonic powers to give us meat, food, eggs, fried plantains, drinks and anything in our dreams any more in Jesus name. I must not butcher animal in my dreams and must not take food, drink or anything in our dreams from Efiom and alice Dan or anyone else in Jesus name. Pray God to answer this prayer else Efiom and alice Dan would brag and ask where is their God? Pray God to permanently, remove all obstacles (devilish and human) from my life. To fight and conquer and permanently destroy Efiom and Ene Dan’s demonic powers and so that they wage no more battle against me and my children. Pray God to conquer and permanently destroy all my enemies. Pray God to protect me, Nduehe and Samuel all the days of our life. Pray Him to help me to be employed by the DVR effective July 1st 2016, so that I can pay for my education, or to obtain scholarship so that I can return to school and complete my education. As the Holy Spirit appeared unto Apostle Peter (Acts 10:13-15) and commanded him to get up kill and eat, pray God to send same Holy spirit to R. Pennock, and command them to remove the obstacle they place on my lifeand Julia to command them to offer the position to me. Pray God to turn hostile minds to friendly and brotherly agape love, , in the would be place of employment. Please pray God to always fill me with His Holy Spirit to guide and protect me and Nduehe as we are going out like sheep among wolves, to be wise, shrewd as serpent and innocent like doves. (Matt. 10: 16). Pray God to fill us with his Holy Spirit so as to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent and t wise as doves If the words in Jeremiah 32:27 are true, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? Help me pray God to stop my wondering around the swamps and getting lost in it. To stop any attempt to give me food, drink, fruits etc in my dreams. At times, without even sleeping more than a few minutes someone would try to push something into my mouth. In John 14:13 it is stated And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If God answers prayers help me pray to Him to permanently suppress Efiom and alice Dan’s, Ene Dan’s and Essienanwan Dan’s demonic or spiritual (witch or wizard) so that it does not worry me and Nduehe again. Please pray God to help by His bountiful grace give me employment and by His infinite mercy to speedily deliver me and my children from the demonic powers of Ene and Efiom Dan. As the name of Jehovah is a strong tower pray Him to d protect us from all spiritualists and occultists powers and remove all obstacles from our life. Let whatsoever they have done, or would do be returned to them with immediate effect. Help pray to God to stop my getting lost in the swamp, apartments, industrial site etc. I have been tormented for too long. I cannot by myself fight and conquer Ene and Efiom Dan’s demonic battles they wage against me and my children. To win all spiritualists and occultists battles they have been waging against me and my children.Pray God to fight and win it for me. If God do not answer prayers any more , shall we follow the spiritualists and worship the demons so as to be free from predicament? In other words Apostle Paul wrote, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Please help let me know which spiritualist group or cult that to join so as to be free from being torture in my dreams every night. Pray God to answer our prayers, else Efiom and alice would continue to brag and ask where is their God? While civilized and wise people and science laboratory trying to invent something to improve human life, but Efiom and alice are going from one cemetery to another invoking the dead to send them to kill mw. Pray God to raise up a mighty cobra to frighten Efiom and alice Dan to stop, if he insists the cobra should strike him dead. If the name of Jehovah is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and be safe, let me and children be saved from spiritualists, occultists, witches or wizards. They have killed two of my daughters full grown ladies. And are seeking to take more. Pray God to save and protect us. I suspect that Efiom and Alice Dan are the spiritualists or occultists (witch & wizard) who killed my two daughters and put me through this misery. Earnestly, I suspect they killed my too daughters (full grown ladies) and is seeking my life. I am sure they are the ones who had been giving or attempting to give me food, meat, drink or something in our dreams. Pray God to revenge the death of these young women and stop this nightmares in Jesus name. Revenge R. Pennock for all wickedness against me; to foil all wicked plans against me, Samuel and Nduehe. Let God angels appear unto all my enemies to fight and conquer them. While I am good academically, I cannot achieve economically. If God still answer prayers help me pray God to help me overcome all obstacles and predicaments. Let R. Pennock offer me the position of a counselor but defeat all my enemies, let them fail in their wicked plans against me. Pray God to free me, Nduehe, and Samuel permanently from the demonic powers of spiritualists and occultists. Let Efiom Dan fall into the snares that he set in Jesus name. Pray God to relieve and rescue me by giving me a new beginning with employment as a Counselor so as to achieve freedom from unemployment, freedom from poverty, freedom from dreams-torture from spiritualists or occultists. Pray God to permanently, disable and silent Efiom Dan’s Ene Dan’s and Essienanwan Dan’s demonic powers, spiritualists or occultist so that they rise not up any more to worry me and my children in Jesus name. The name of Jehovah is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and be saved. Let us be saved. In Jeremiah 33:3 (KJV) God said," Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knoweth not.” Pray God to answer my and your prayers that my employment as DVR Counselor and restoring my sight to be among the greatest and mighty things for me to receive from Him. If God still answers prayers help me pray to overcome this predicament, to turn a war-like environment into a peaceful environment so that I be loved and admired by all. To give me employment as DVR counselor. Let me reiterate as the Holy spirit appear to Apostle Peter and commanded him to get up kill and eat, let the same holy spirit appear unto the employment manager and command her to offer me employment as a counselor in Jesus name. During interview, please God to lead me safely on Canaan’s safe shore. Pray God to turn hostile minds or persons to be loving, peaceful and friendly throughout the days and years that I would be working there.. Permit me to repeat myself, these folks have killed two of my beautiful daughters and are seeking my life and my remaining children. Please pray God to protect my remaining daughter and Samuel to give them spiritual protection good health., knowledge and wisdom. My life has been in turmoil because of these folks. I am but human, cannot fight spiritual wars, Pray God to show them His power, O God, that He and He alone is Supreme over all creation as the Almighty God, not to be challenged by demonic powers. Please pray God to fight and conquer and permanently destroy all spiritualists agents and their warfare that they rise up no more against me and my children and take away and destroy every bad dream in Jesus name. I do not have to walk in the bush, swamps, river, muddy forest and got lost night after night. Pray God to rescue me and my children from this demonic forces. Your individual and Congregation’s fervent prayers are my stepping stone to a relief and freedom. I believe in the power of prayers. Please help me. If God answers prayers today as He did in the past, pray to foil all evil plan that my enemies plan against me including R. Pennock. Pray God to warn them about the consequences of shedding innocent human blood. To revenge the death of my two daughters. Please pray God to show His power over Ene and Dan’s and destroy their demonic powers permanently. it with immediate effect in Jesus name. In Matt 21:22 Jesus promised "...whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” If God still answers prayers, pray to Him to help ,me restore my sight and get employment with immediate effect. Please join with me in prayer, for employment as a counselor, Associate or Assistant professor with immediate effect. Please pray God to send His Holy Spirit and Angels to fight and conquer all my enemies in Jesus powerful name. Amen.